Since the beginning of January, the AAIM Team has been working in the organization of the AAIM office and the preparation of over a dozen projects which include: 

  1. Sexuality, STIs & HIV-AIDS Pastoral Counseling - Training Seminar for Pastors and Elders - (including Pre-Marital Counseling Manual on HIV-AIDS for Pastors and Elders)

  2. Sexuality Education in Primary & Secondary Schools (English & French)

  3. Parenting Seminars - How to help the parents in order to deliver adequate sexuality education to their children.

  4. HIV-AIDS Curriculum for all the SDA Universities - Course Syllabus

  5. Empowering Women Through Education (Literacy + HIV-AIDS), and Income Generating Activities (Sewing, Hair Styling, Crafts, etc.)

  6. Development of an HIV-AIDS Curriculum for the Pathfinders - STIs and HIV/AIDS, information/education for the group 5 to 15 years of age. GC-Youth Department - Pathfinders Honor Program.

  7. HIV-AIDS Theme Song (English & French).

  8. Prevention of Mother to Child HIV Transmission (PMCT).

  9. Counseling - Training of Trainers Program (TOT). Joined Program with ADRA and the 3 African Divisions.

  10. Support Group Leaders Training Seminars - “Each Church an HIV-AIDS Support Center” - (TOT).

  11. Voluntary Counseling & Testing - Training Seminar & Supplies for SDA Hospitals in Africa.

  12. Electronic Communications - Web-Site Update & Operation

  13. AAIM Newsletter broad distribution.

  14. Participation with AWR in the Radio Program “Africa Reflections” which reaches Namibia, Congo, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, DRC, and Kenya.

NOTE: The implementation of most of these projects will start during 2004. Some of them have already been presented for consideration and funding.


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