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"Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise"

Dear friends, 

Greetings from AAIM!
We are rapidly approaching the AIDS International Day on December 1st. 

This is a reminder of this important occasion, when all around the world, people will commemorate the devastating impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in our societies. The theme for 2005 is: "Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise"

December 1st is a special opportunity for HIV/AIDS Awareness for our church members and the communities they represent.  It is also a great opportunity for witnessing and sharing Jesus' love and compassion toward the people infected and affected by this disease.

Some fields prefer to prepare a program only for December 1st, while other fields prefer to hold programs that will last the entire week before or after December 1st. It is suggested that a strong accent should be put on:

1)    "Healthy Lifestyle", The SDA Health Message

2)    STIs and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education

3)    How to become involved in the AIDS Ministry and help people living with HIV and AIDS

4)    Reaching out to the communities touched by the HIV/AIDS epidemic - HIV/AIDS Impact Mitigation - Matthew 25:35-36

5)    Living with HIV - How to overcome HIV/AIDS with the help of the Great Healer, Jesus-Christ - Participation of PLWHA

6)    HIV/AIDS, A Ministry of Love and Compassion - Spiritual support and assistance for PLWHA and Orphans

7)    "Each SDA Church a Support Center for the Community" through “church based HIV/AIDS support groups” (for more information on this item, you can contact us at: )

These are just some examples of focus areas that could be developed in short presentations/debates, together with other activities. Public presentations, parades, and advocacy represent successful avenues to reach a greater number of people and improve the public perception of this problem and the Adventist approach to it.

Additional ideas and suggestions to commemorate this important day can be downloaded here

We hope and pray that through your programs many people all over the continent of Africa will receive Jesus' touch of love and compassion and become fully aware of this terrible scourge that is decimating entire populations in the world and most particularly in this continent. 

May our Lord Jesus-Christ inspire and empower each of us as we share His unconditional love and acceptance for each and everyone suffering from HIV/AIDS.  "...When He saw the multitudes, Jesus was moved with compassion for them..." Matthew 9:35-36 

Let our churches become refuges of healing and hope for all people and active support centers for the communities. "Our Father in Heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost..." Matthew 18:14 

May God bless you as you prepare for this important event! 

With kind Christian regards, 

Oscar Giordano

Dr. Oscar A. Giordano, MD., MPH.
AAIM Executive Director
GC, Adventist-AIDS International Ministry
Tri-Divisional Africa Office
30 Peter Place, Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1823 – Cramerview  - 2060

Johannesburg – South Africa

Office: (+27) 11-463-1501
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